SNN Sarasota's Suncoast News Network Weight Loss Segment

Tonight, on SNN News –  A Suncoast man lost more than 100 pounds and reversed sleep apnea on his own. Now, he hopes to inspire and help others make healthy changes to their lifestyle. 

I lost 105 pounds and reversed sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and advanced gum disease,” says Michael Tamez. 

His journey started 15 years ago. Now, as a holistic health advocate, he’s sharing his weight loss story hoping to inspire others to start theirs.

Up Close with Cathy Unruh, Tampa Bay PBS

Looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in the New Year?

Hear Michael’s inspirational weight loss and life transformation story.

Plus, learn about the epidemic of obesity in the U.S. and how to implement changes in your health and lifestyle. 

This was filmed at WEDU studio in Tampa and was aired on PBS channel 3 in the Tampa Bay region.  

Ask Dr. Nandi Medical Lifestyle TV Talk Show

This was Michael’s interview on the Ask. Dr. Nandi medical lifestyle TV talk show.

It was aired in millions of homes in the USA and also in 40 other countries.

PizzaBeerYoga’s creator, Michael Tamez, was invited as an expert guest to share about his 13 year health transformation journey and how it led him to write a book about it. This is Michael’s segment and it was from the show called The Perfect Diet.

On that show recording, Michael had the honor of sharing the stage with NY Times best selling author, psychologist, and mindful eating expert, Dr. Susan Albers

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